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一些老师认为允许在学校使用电子设备能帮助学习/school work,另一些老师认为电子设备have limited role,因为他有很多坏处,让你选你同意哪个。

1、Some conservative college professors want to ban the use of electronic gadgets in the classroom, because they believe students’ academic performance may be hampered in this way. However, I tend to hold a more progressive view, claiming that access to electronic devices is enormously beneficial to both students and teachers.


开头段先让步写明别人的观点, 再转折过渡到自己的观点即可。


* Hamper v. 妨碍

2、Before I elaborate on my point of view, I will firstly try to set those conservative professors’ mind at rest. With electronic devices incorporated into the classroom, students’ attention may indeed be distracted. As they are searching for references or submitting reading notes on their tablets, a new window involving interesting yet irrelevant contents may pop up, attracting students to spend minutes or even hours exploring them. In the end, nothing would be achieved. Worthy of mention is also the eyesight impairment, which chiefly results from the habits of staring at the screens over long periods of time. However, those problems shouldn’t be a concern anymore. The technology is now so developed that it can intervene when necessary. For example, parental control mode can be activated to limit students’ access to certain sites or applications when they are studying. Not only that, it can also restrict students’ using time, and specifically, the devices may be automatically switched off every two hours to prevent students’ from forming sedentary habits.




* Incorporate v. 纳入;包含

* Worthy of mention is xxx 值得一提的是

3、Doubt removed, we are ready to talk about the benefits of electronic devices in education, and the primary one must be an easier way to understand new knowledge, usually obscure at first. Compared with traditional methods like the use of blackboards and old school black and white projectors, electronic devices, namely tablets and laptops, employ true-to-life audio-visual presentation. This is a major advantage because students are technologically-enabled to appreciate abstract concepts in a more vivid way, which largely facilitate learning. My personal experience is a telling example of this. In my Biology class, by reading the descriptions of the sea otter on textbooks, we gained little understanding towards them, not to mention that the lengthy text was a real bore. Things were different when we watched a short video on our tablets. Within few minutes, we, fully absorbed by it, basically acquired all essential information about this animal, like its habitats, looks, dietary choices and predators.


写作时除了句间的衔接,段落与段落间的衔接也有,三选一驳回的两段间的衔接不妨就在中心句写明两个选项的对比,即A 不比B 好到哪里去。


* Obscure adj. 晦涩的, 难懂的

* technologically-enabled 复合词 被科技允许的

* facilitate v. 促成,助力

4、Another obvious advantage of electronic devices lies in its sandwich-like portability. With knowledge stored in portable devices, students do not have to carry heavy loads of textbooks to here and there. This allows them to utilize spare minutes, particularly time spent in waiting for the bus or meals, to memorize several vocabularies or review some formulas. Over time, their knowledge-retention will be enhanced.


* sandwich-like portability 像三明治一样便携的

* knowledge-retention 知识记忆