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alevel考试语法:英语一般过去时练习题及答案。很多同学不知道alevel考什么 ?不管alevel考试科目是alevel化学,alevel物理 ,alevel历史,alevel地理,还是其他的科目,都 会用到alevel词汇和alevel语法,掌握好了alevel 考试语法,会很容易的理解文章的意思,你就离 alevel高分更近了一步。

alevel语法不仅可以提高 你的alevel考试成绩,对你的出国留学的申请和留 学生活都会有很大的帮助。如果你有alevel考试报 名,alevel考试费用,alevel考试地点等alevel考 试相关的问题,请关注考而思在线alevel考试网,或者直 接访问考而思在线alevel考试网在线咨询。

一、改错题 is jane yesterday? _____________________2.he go to school by bus last week. ____________________________3.he often goes home at 6:00 last month. ____________________________4.i can fly kites seven years ago. ______________________________5. did you saw him just now. ____________________________________6. tom wasn’t watch tv last night. ____________________________________7. i didn’t my homework yesterday. ____________________________________8. he wait for you three hours ago. ____________________________________9. who find it just now ? ________________________________________二、按要求变换句型。1. father bought me a new bike. (同义句)father bought _______ _______ ________ ________ me.2. frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)_______ frank _______ an interesting book about history?3. he’s cleaning his rooms. (划线提问)________ he _______?4. why not go out for a walk? (同义句)_______ ________ ________ out for a walk?5. thomas spent rmb 10 on this book. (否定句)thomas _______ _______ rmb 10 on this book.6. my family went to the beach last week. (划线提问)________ ________ ________ family _______ last week?7. i didn’t have any friends. (一般疑问句)________ _______ have _______ friends?8. i think she is lily’s sister. (否定句)____________________9. sally often does some reading in the morning. (否定句)sally _______ often ______ some reading in the morning.10. he is a tall, thin boy. (划线提问)_______ _______ he _______ ________?


三:句型转换they read english last night.否定句:__________________________________________一般疑问句:________________________________________肯定/否定回答:____________________________________对划线部分提问:____________________________________习题答案:一 2.go--went 3.goes--went 4.can--could 5.saw--see 7.didn't 后加上 do8.waited 9.find--found二: 1.a new bike to 2.did read 3.what's doing 4.why don't you 5.didn't spend 6.where were my going7.did i any 8.i don't think she is lily's sister. 9.doesn't do does look like8.they didn't read english last night.三:did they read english last night?yes,they did./no,they didn't.what did they do last night?四:用所给动词的适当形式填空1.tom and mary ___________ (come) to china last month.2.mike _________________(not go) to bed until 12 o’clock last night. so i _______ (get ) up late.3.mary __________ (read) english yesterday morning.4.there _________ (be) no one here a moment ago.5.i ___________ (call) mike this morning.6.i listened but ___________ (hear) nothing.7.tom ___________ (begin) to learn chinese last year.8.last week we _________ (pick) many apples on the mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.10.she watches tv every evening. but she _______________ (not watch) tv last night.11.________ your father ________ ( go ) to work every day last year?12. —what time _______ you _______ (get) to beijing yesterday?—we __________ (get) to beijing at 9:00 in the evening.13.what __________ (make) him cry (哭) just now?14.last year the teacher ___________ (tell) us that the earth moves around the sun.15.there ____________ a telephone call for you just now. (be)16.there __________ not enough people to pick apples that day. ( be)17.there _____________ any hospitals (医院) in my hometown (家乡) in 1940. ( be not)18.there ____________ enough milk at home last week, wasn’t there?19.eli ____________ to japan last week. ( move)20. –when _______ you _________ (come) to china? - last year.21.did she ________ (have) supper at home?22.jack ____________ (not clean) the room just now.23._________ (be) it cold in your city yesterday? many people ________ (be) there in your class last term? ________ (be) hot yesterday and most children _______ (be) outside.26. there ________ (be) a football match on tv yesterday evening, but i _________ (have) no time to watch it.27. he ate some bread and _________ (drink) some milk.28. ________ he __________ (finish) his homework last night?29. i__________(be) tired yesterday.30. i ___________(gain ) arts degree last year.31. what _________ you ___________ (do) last night?32. my grandfather _________ (leave) hong kong for new york in 1998.33. what _______ he ________ (do) yesterday?34. last week i _______ (buy) a new bike.35. he ________ (be) here just now.36. he __________ (not find ) his key last night.37. my father __________ (drink) a lot of wine yesterday.38. ________ you ________ (finish) your homework yesterday?39. i ________ (eat) some eggs and bread this morning.40. her mother __________ (not give) the girl any present.【参考答案】1.came 2. didn’t go got 3. read 4. was 5. called 6.heard 7.began 8.picked 9.didn’t do 10.didn’t watch 11. did go 12.did get got 13. made 14. told 15.was 16. were 17.weren’t 18.was 19.moved 20.did come21.have 22.didn’t clean 23.was 24.were 25.was were 26.was had 27.drank 28.did finish 29.was 30.gained 31.did do 32.left 33.did do 34.bought 35.was 36.didn’t find 37.drank 38.did finish 39.ate 40.didn’t give